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* Thanks for all you do.  Now I can have peace of mind that my Scout is well taken care of.- Theresa C., Carbondale, IL 

* I think she misses you more than she missed us - It’s like we never left.  We would leave Lacey in your care anytime!- Angela R., Herrin, IL

* You not only exceeded by expectations as far as quality of care, but left tips to make me a better parent.  Couldn't be more pleased with your work. - Pat B., Thompsonville, IL 

* Having my fiance overseas, it has been really hard to find the time to come home to take care of my pets.  Finding reliable and reasonable care for them is not easy, so finding Roberta was a Godsend.  It is comforting knowing that while stuck at school or work, Roberta is at my home taking care of Gracie, Angus, Louie and Lola.  She is highly reliable and I know that they love their Auntie Roberta.  - Vanessa S., Carbondale, IL

* ​I wanted to let you know that we are so entirely pleased with you and we can't believe how lucky we are to have found you.  We have absolutely no fears or worries going on vacation now that we know you will be taking care of our kids while we're away.  As you know they are our lives and we couldn't imagine leaving them with anyone else from now on.  - Glenna M., Caterville, IL

* You've been a Godsend!  Roberta, I cannot thank you enough for the excellent care of my "kids."  Thanks!  - Barb Y., Benton, IL

* I appreciate the care and love given to my dogs while I was out of town.  it makes the trip more enjoyable knowing they will be cared for in my absence.  I will definitely use the service again and have already told others about the service.  Thanks!- Barb K., Marion, IL

* I can't begin to explain how much Roberta has helped us.  My pets and I have never been so happy.  Moving appointments couldn't be any easier.  Roberta is very flexible.- Lee M., Benton, IL

* The furry things seemed just a little too calm and well adjusted!  Our trips will be more relaxing thanks to you.  Small price to pay for peace of mind.- Kate M., Carbondale, IL

* It is really nice to receive daily updates on my pets while I am gone!- Jen W., Goreville, IL

* It was very nice to come home to all 5 kitties relaxed and happy.  I think that the peacefulness poured over because our other inside baby (10 years old) was also more serene than he usually was when we are away.  I really appreciated the extra effort put in the play area being clean and tidy and set up cute and all of the kitty toys set out for them to play with.  Everything was clean (smile) and smelled fresh. - Pam L., Marion, IL

* It was so nice to know Hank was in his own home while we were gone and getting individual attention.  Thanks so much, Roberta!- Kaylie B., Carbondale, IL

​* So pleased with the care our baby received!- Ronda M., Christopher, IL

​I am so glad that we found you, Roberta.  I used to worry about having to kennel the dogs when we went on trips.  Now I don't have to worry anymore.  Thank you SO MUCH!- Donna L., Herrin, IL

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